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Unisex Scrubs - Aaron&Smith

Medical scrubs are an essential uniform for healthcare professionals. They should be comfortable, made of fabrics help professionals carry out their work in a cool and relaxed way. When you are looking for medical scrubs, you should know the right fabric that goes well to make high-quality scrub tops and scrub pants. Besides the fabric, you should check out the size or fitting, colour, pockets, style, and price to get the custom tailored scrubs.

Scrubs Fabric

When it comes to selecting fabric for medical scrubs, the four main types of fabric manufacturers choose are cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex. Cotton due to its soft texture, durability, and comfort is one of the most preferred choices. However, it has some cons as it fades with washing, fibres wrinkles and soil easily and often shows shrinkage. Although polyester resists shrinkage and wrinkles, offers easy care and durability, it has a rough texture and builds up static electricity.

Why Blended Fabric is the Best Choice?

A blend of cotton with polyester resists stain and wrinkles and provides better comfort and durability. Blended fabrics are easy to maintain and they help improve absorption, besides maintaining shape and texture. Poly Viscose, Poly Rayon and Poly Cotton are some examples of blended fabrics used to manufacture unisex regular scrub pants and high-quality medical scrub tops.

Poly Viscose: Perfect for Medical Scrubs

Poly-viscose fabric is a semi-synthetic fibre made from blending Polyester and Viscose. It incorporates the best of both the fibres that make it the most suitable choice for medical scrubs. While the fabric retains the nice texture and soothing drape and feel of viscose, giving a soft, natural touch, it is robust, easy to maintain and perfect for hardwearing clothes like scrubs. Unlike other blended synthetic fibres, Poly-viscose shows a better wicking sensation and breathability that allows it to absorb most liquids and smells, keeping the wearers’ body cool in summer. Besides this, the fabric has a captivating lustre that is an attribute of both the constituent fibres. It can be easily heat set that is a thermal process to impart crease-resistance, elasticity, shape retention, and resilience in the fabric.

What makes Poly-Viscose fabric the most preferred choice is the comfort it provides to wearers due to its stretch resistance, wrinkle, and pill resistance. Being tough and hardwearing, it is best suited for unisex scrub Tops, unisex scrub pants, women’s scrubs and men’s scrubs. With enhanced comfort, better breathability, and washable quality, the fibre is even suitable for people with allergies to wool due to its hypoallergenic property.

So you must purchase solid scrub tops or stylish unisex regular scrub pants from a well-reputed and experienced supplier who offers them at a discounted price. You may browse our inventory to get premium quality and durable unisex scrubs, men’s scrub tops and men’s scrub pants or women’s scrub tops and pants in your preferred size and colour. With 30% off SALE, we will give you more reasons for your smiling face and pocket.

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