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Medical Scrubs

Choosing a medical scrub for daily wear for a healthcare professional is essential. It helps them perform their tasks comfortably and project a uniform and clean look to patients. Besides, medical scrubs may also help professionals prevent direct contact with pungent smells and liquids, offering a layer of protection to them.

With the increasing demand for medical uniforms, various scrub suppliers with countless different scrub options established them in the market. From fabric to fit and colour to designs (cut), doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals have an array of choices, today. So, how do you choose the right medical uniform from an experienced and well-reputed supplier?

Check out these crucial tips that will guide you to choose the most suitable scrub for your daily wear.

1. Finding Balance between Cost and Quality

It is critical to check out the quality of the fabric of scrub vs. its cost and find the right balance. Like other uniforms, you will use your scrub tops and pants a lot and they are exposed to a variety of bodily fluids. It means they would undergo frequent washing that may let the low-quality seams chip out or slip and colour be faded. When you choose quality scrubs with the right kind of fabric, they will survive frequent washes and will give you lasting service and peace of mind. You should go for quality scrubs at an affordable cost.

2. Choose Your Preferred Comfortable Colour

If you are not limited by the colour mandate of the scrub worn in your hospital, you can choose your favourite colour such as green, blue, brown, maroon, pink, or purple for your medical uniform. Darker colours offer a soothing experience to patients while green reduces the eyestrain or fatigue that patients or others may get.

3. Fit or Loose

Choosing the right size and fit of women’s scrub tops and scrub pants boils down to the wearer’s personal preferences. Men’s medical uniforms feature scrubs with broader shoulders and sleeves having more room while women’s scrub tops are cut a bit narrower along the waist. Based on your choice, you can choose a pair of scrubs that is not too tight to restrict your movement or too loose that may get into your free and flexible movement. Besides, you may go for scrubs with slits if working in a warm environment or desire scrubs that may offer you more form-fitting.

4. Print Embroidered and Plain Scrubs

If you are not bounded by hospital rules, you can go for printed scrubs with professional designs that look cool and aesthetically pleasant. You can consider getting your name and hospital or dispensary logo embroidered on printed or plain scrubs that will go a long way in projecting appealing look and branding your hospital.

5. Pockets

Deep pockets in tops and pants come in handy to medical professionals who need to juggle various tasks and require easy access to the notebook, pens, medical scissors, penlights, and other items. Check out and choose scrub tops and pants with enough pockets to help you stay organized and save valuable time.


When shopping for premium quality medical scrubs, you should choose a well-established and experienced supplier and consider essential factors like quality, print, colour, pockets, fit, and cost to get the most suitable scrub. A renowned supplier will provide you quality medical uniforms at a pocket-friendly price.

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