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Unisex scrubs are designed for both men and women. They come in various colors, sizes, and prints, to cater to the requirements of healthcare professionals. Besides the color and design patterns, you can personalize your unisex scrubs by getting logo embroidery or pairing it with some beautiful fashion accessories that would add glamor and vibrancy to your personality. With spacious pockets, customized scrubs make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

When buying unisex scrub tops and matching scrub pants, you should check the supplier’s reputation and credentials, your body shape and height, fabric and fitting, design patterns, pockets, and comfort level. Whether you prefer to buy scrub tops with floral patterns, or stripes, cartoon, or abstract designs, you must follow these tips to look your best in the scrub tops and bottoms you purchase.

1. Choose Unisex Scrubs or Gender-specific Scrubs

Based on your style preferences, you may go for men or women scrubs or choose unisex scrubs that are suited for both genders. You must check your body type—be it pear shape, hourglass, rectangular, apple, round or oval, or athletic and choose scrubs suited to your body type. It would ensure that scrubs suit your body and make a lasting impression on others.

2. Select Right Size Scrubs

Measuring your body size and comparing it with the size chart to select scrubs of the right size is of paramount importance. It will result in getting the best fitting that would make you look sleeker and stylish and complement your professional image. Wearing such a scrub top and matching scrub pant of the right size would enhance your confidence.

3. Wear Complementary Colored Scrub Tops and Pants

Pairing your blue unisex scrubs with orange-colored scrub pants, red tops with green pants, or violet tops with yellow pants would not only draw the attention of onlookers but would let you look stylish and attractive. Hence, you should take care to choose complementary colors for your scrub tops and unisex scrub pants of the same brand.

4. Pair It with a Pendant or Go for Logo Embroidery

You can prefer to accessorize your scrub tops by wearing them with a pendant or any jewelry with a minimalistic design. Besides, getting your Unisex scrub tops or pants embroidered with your hospital logo is the best way to project them as uniforms and feel proud of the same.

5. Choose Suitable Style for Maximum Comfort

Scrub tops are available in various styles like tops with collars, V-neck, mock wrap, lab coats, unisex style, and scrub tops with pockets. Likewise scrub pants come with belt loops, cargo pockets, elastic waist, drawstring waist, and utility pants. You should assess your style and design preferences and choose the scrub set that suits your pocket and preferences.

6. Wear Scrub with Smile and Right Attitude

Your patients get the right belief and support when they see a smiling and dedicated healthcare worker in a befitting and comfy scrub. You must project a clean and smiling look and wear your scrub with the right attitude.

Ensure to rely only on a reputed and experienced medical scrubs supplier who would provide you high-quality medical scrubs at a pocket-friendly price. You would get maximum satisfaction and value for money.


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