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Push up bras and matching pantie sets are a staple of the wardrobe of every woman who desires to look beautiful and want to give their busts a lift. As they go with any kind of dresses like tees or plunging tops, women with small or large busts prefer to buy and wear push-up bras and panty sets. A push-up bra uses foam pads embedded within the bra cups that lift your breasts to let them look fuller and intact.

Based on your bust size and your preferences, you may choose from the three levels of push-up bras that would give the natural lift to your bust and add an ‘oomph’ factor. Besides this, push-up bras are available in a number of styles such as strapless, plunge push-up bras, wireless push up bras, fancy back and T-shirt push up bras.

Here is a checklist of some crucial factors to consider when buying quality bra and pantie set from a renowned and experienced supplier.

1. Assess Your Correct Bra Size

Before you consider buying a push up bra, you should determine the right size by chest measurement. Take a suitable measuring tape and measure your chest size after exhaling that will give you the correct size. You should round the size to the nearest even number if you get it in decimals. Then you need to find the bust size by the measuring tape and the difference of the bust size and band size would be the cup size.

2. Check out the Materials

Check out the fabric of the bra that is essential for the strength, comfort, and support it would provide. You may choose from cotton, nylon, and polyamide that offers enhanced stretchability and lace or a combination of lace and mesh for their support and sensuality. Evaluating the pros and cons of different fabrics of women’s undergarments would help you make a suitable choice.

3. Consider the Type of Bra as per the Occasion

You must assess the purpose and occasion for which you want to purchase matching bra and panties. If it is a formal one, you should choose a simple push up bra without any embellishment while a strapless high cleavage push up bra would be suited for an informal party.

4. Check out All the Features before Purchase

Based on your size and fit preferences, you should find out the colour, size, design, fabric, embellishments, level of padding, and other features and assess them vis-a-vis your fitting preferences, comfort, and purpose.

5. Find out the Comfort Level

Women and girls should wear push up bras only for a few hours and turn to normal padded bras to remain comfortable for a long time. Wearing a push up bra should be as comfortable as wearing a lightly lined bra. You should ensure that there is no bulging over the cups and the bands and straps shouldn’t be digging into your skin.

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