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Provider of the best scrubs / medical uniforms in Australia.

For decades, medical uniforms have been dull and boring for professionals working in hospitals. At Aaron & Smith, we strongly believe that medical uniforms are the gateway for brand building, image creation and most importantly, for instilling hope in the hearts of patients when they see a dedicated nurse or a doctor helping them on the road to recovery.

Our garments are all about fusing fashion with functionality and we welcome you to take a look at our rich and diverse range of products.

Created by a Melbourne-based intensive care nurse, Aaron and Smith scrubs are thoughtfully created and professionally tailored to perfection, keeping in mind the busy hours in the hospitals. The fabric and yarn used to create the medical professional uniforms are backed by solid research and testing and that’s why the garments absorb the most pungent of smells and liquids, among other substances that doctors and nurses are exposed to in hospitals.

Aaron&Smith is a clothing brand and brings a variety of branded products.