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Cotton Face Masks

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting hard, face masks have become essential as a safety measure to break or slow the chain of viral transmission. While a mask itself is not a complete safety solution and practicing regular hand sanitization and social distancing are essential, they play an effective role in checking the spread of the virus in public. The market is filled with many disposable and reusable facemasks. You should purchase suitable facemasks for yourself and your loved ones.

So, what should you look for when buying a suitable face mask? Check out these top factors to consider that will make choosing and shopping for quality masks a breeze.

1.) Fabric

Fabric is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a mask. The fabric should be dense, tightly woven which should create a strong protective barrier for incoming and outgoing pollutants. Being tough and durable and tightly woven cotton, Canvas (a blend of cotton and linen) makes a good choice for face masks.

2.) Thickness/ Multiple Layers

Multiple Layered face masks are recommended for the best protection. You should look for Cotton Face Masks that have two to three layers of fabric. However, when you wear a tightly woven multiple-layered face mask, you may experience difficulty in breathing. Hence, you should check out that the multiple layered masks provide a good balance of breathability and filtration.

3.) Fit

Your masks should fit snugly to your face and should be comfortable to wear. It should stay put at the right place and you needn’t touch it frequently to readjust. Some masks come with a metal nose strip that can be easily bended and can creates a tight to hold the mask in place.

4.) Filters may render a Safety Risk

Many masks come with an additional filter pocket that may be more harmful than good. These masks include coffee filters, vacuum bags, air filters, or dry baby wipes that are not highly effective. Filter if and when used should be sandwiched between fabric layers to protect lest they may let you inhale fibres that would be harmful.

5.) Reusable or Disposable

Reusable face masks provide an environmental-friendly and economical solution that can be used for a long period. However, with this longevity, comes some safety risks as you need to assure the quality of these masks, wash them regularly and check for ways that can help you protect yourself and your loved one from the virus and other pollutants. Disposable masks come with quality listing on their packets and they require proper handling and disposal to check the spread of the virus.

6.) Comfortability

You should feel comfortable after wearing a mask. If tightly woven multiple-layered face mask lets you feel difficulty in breathing, you should go for a single-layer, lighter-weight fabric. You can easily find double-layered face masks that fit snugly to your face and are comfortable to wear with stretchable ear loops.

7.) Check out Stylish, Foldable 3D Face Masks

As you need to wear face masks for a long time while you are outside in public, you would love to wear a stylish, foldable face mask that comes with a 3D design. You can choose KN95 face masks that offer 5-layer protection and come with a nose wire for tight-fitting.

Whether you are looking for face masks for kids, adolescents, or adults, you should always rely only on an experienced supplier for getting premium quality face masks from the comforts of your home. It is crucial to assess your preferences and requirements and check out the mask features before ordering their online purchase. Besides this, you should know the right way to wear masks and practice washing hands, proper hygiene, following social distancing norms and other Covid-19 safety guidelines as specified by local or central government bodies.

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