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Facts about Nursing Scrubs

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the global economy hard, the world has woken up to a new normal. People are practising good hygiene, and physical distancing and following rules of quarantine, wearing masks and strengthening their immunity with a more disciplined lifestyle. For doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare workers, wearing standard Medical Scrubs along with the PPE Kit becomes all the more essential to keep themselves protected from the Covid-19 virus. Being simple in design, inexpensive to replace, providing maximum comfort, the scrubs used as medical uniforms have been popular since the 1960s when it was first designed for surgeons.

Here is a checklist of some interesting facts about nursing scrubs that would enlighten you about it.

1. Designed First in 1960 for Surgeons

As the bright operating lights in the operation room with an all-white environment reflected off white dresses and aprons of nurses, it caused eye fatigue for the surgeon and staff. Various shades of green were used as surgical attire that reduced eye fatigue and resolved this problem.

2. Green Nursing Scrubs Became the Standard in 1970s

Green scrubs became standard medical uniforms in the 1970s. They were easy to clean and considered less likely to spread infections. Known as ‘Surgical Greens’ they came to be called Scrubs because they were supposed to be worn in a ‘Scrubbed’ or a clean and wholesome environment.

3. The Main Purpose was to promote a Clean Environment

Scrubs were designed to promote hygiene and sterility in the hospital to minimise the spread of infections and cross-contamination and speed up the recovery of the patients. Besides, it sets doctors, surgeons and nurses stand apart from the crowd.

4. Scrubs Provide Protection, Professional Appearance and Comfort

Scrubs are made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester that absorbed blood, pungent smell and other liquids and prevent direct contact of doctor’s skin to the patients’ body fluid. This acts as a safety barrier for doctors and protects them from infection. Besides they offer maximum comfort due to being loose and having pockets for storage of essential items.

5. Modern Day Scrubs Go More Stylish, Functional, and Fun To Wear

Medical scrubs have come a long way. They now come in flattering cuts, coloured patterns and even in the anti-microbial fabric that make them more functional and fashionable than ever before. The stylish scrubs made of poly-viscose enhance breathability and let healthcare workers feel more stylish, cool and comfortable.

Besides high-quality medical scrubs that protect healthcare workers from the spread of infections, wearing Reusable Face Masks safeguard them from harmful air pollens and viruses. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you should wear these masks when you go out in the public. You should purchase high-quality men or women’s scrub tops and bottoms and face masks from a reputed supplier to get quality products, optimum comfort and satisfaction and value for money. An experienced and renowned medical scrubs supplier will facilitate you to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection and safeguard yourself and your family for a bright future and longevity.

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