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Aaron&Smith Face masks

The life-threatening Coronavirus has changed the world completely in these last two years. From moving freely anywhere to wearing a mask even at your home, life has changed dramatically. It has become the ‘new normal’ which has resulted in an increase in demand of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) especially face masks. According to a market report by Persistence Market Research—by the end of the year 2021, the surgical & respirator mask market in Australia & New Zealand is expected to value US$ 167.7 MN.

Why Face Masks Have Become So Important?

The rising figures of Covid-19 related deaths are alarming enough to state the importance of wearing masks. As per World meters, till today, 34.6 L people have died due to Coronavirus and millions are still struggling to recover. In this scenario, adult face masks are the only solution to break the chain in transmitting this deadly disease. Here are a few important reasons why wearing a facemask is important.

Creates a Barrier

The foremost aim of a facemask is to create a hurdle in the transmission of respiratory droplets between an infected and a healthy person by eliminating direct contact.

Protect Those Around You

Even if you are not infected or have never faced any health issues, you are still recommended wearing a mask whenever you step out in the public. The reason behind this is that most people suffering from Covid-19 are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. Hence, you never know when you can become a carrier.

Easy-to-Wear & Cost-effective

Apart from saving lives, face masks are also easy to wear and carry. They can be disposed off or reused easily without making a hole in your pocket.

Know the Different Types of Face Masks

Types of Face Mask

There is a wide array of masks for adults and kids face masks in the market. However, one has to give a deep thought before buying the right face masks.

Medical/Surgical Masks:

There is a humongous demand of disposable and surgical face masks as it filters out large particles but managing medical waste and environmental pollution is the biggest challenge. This is the prime reason why environmentalists suggest opting for reusable face mask.

N95 Masks:

These are considered better than surgical mask as they filter out almost 95% of both large & small particles. However, because of its limited supply they are restricted to be used by healthcare professionals mostly.

Reusable Face mask:

Made from two-three layers of tightly woven fabrics such as cotton & its blends, these cotton face masks are breathable, hypoallergenic, and can be washed easily at home.

Let Us Know How to Wear a Mask

How to wear a face masks

Irrespective of the type of mask, it is important to wear it properly. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Wash your hands or sanitize them properly to remove all the germs.
  • Place your mask over your mouth and nose & cover them properly.
  • Put on the ear loops or tie them behind your head so that the mask covers your face snugly. It should not be too loose or tight.
  • Also make sure that after removing your reusable face mask, you should wash it properly with warm water & detergent.

It is important to understand the current situation and follow all the safety rules to ward off Covid-19 virus from this world. The first step in this fight is to wear a good face mask. Buying reusable face masks in Australia from a reliable supplier is very easy. You can go through the product catalogue of the renowned brand Aaron & Smith that offers premium quality products that are breathable, effective, and reusable!

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